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an update!

Its hard to fathom that its already been a month since the horror of not knowing if my Family was safe, following Hurricane Irma. It was just over 48hrs after the hurricane swept through Tortola, before we finally heard that our Nephew, his family and two small children were safe – and another agonising 36hrs […]

back to bed

. As you know, I’ve been having issues with hip/back/leg pain for a while, and whilst for a short period in feb/early march – it seemed to be finally getting a bit better after repeated Dr & Physio visits, it got dramatically worse last week – so it was back to the Physio and the […]

owie update

. o0o Its time for an owie update folks! I’ve been going to the Physio, and doing my exercizes for a few weeks now – and as promised it’s time for an update. I’ve been managing to get around much better – and have been getting up to five hours straight of sleep, which for […]

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