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stocktake [oct20]

stocktake [oct20]


I’m again ripping the bandaid off and posting a simple stocktake of where I’m at right now.

Its been a weird month, and one in which I’ve been doing some soul-searching about the direction that this particular site should take – and even whether or not I should keep on with it…
{feel free to give me your input about this, or anything else that relates to this post, below!}

But without further ado – here’s what I’ve been up to of late!

  • Cooking: lots of soups, and I’ve been doing a lot of canning of sauces, soups, beets, olives, carrots, beans and mince + assorted fruits, jams and jellies.
  • Making: more garden beds, and trellis
  • Drinking: a vast amount of coffee as always, the occasional dandelion chai, and of course my preferred cold beverage of – WATER!
    I rarely drink alcohol much these days unless we are out for a meal, or have an evening social function.
    Not only do I not like what it does to my body these days – [and often my behaviour!], but I also don’t like what it does to others, and the way it makes them act + react.
    ‘Sloppy’ is not a good look for anyone…
  • Reading: Kill Bills, I Give My Marriage A Year, Retrosuburnia, A Slice Of Organic Life, and a couple of digital books.
    I also have an audiobook on the go, but I keep forgetting about it, and listening to podcasts out in the garden instead! lol
    Oh, I am also reading Homesteading For Dummies, but I’ve put it down somewhere and can’t actually find it at the moment.
  • Wanting: to get over a dozen more trees into the ground before the summer heat kicks in too much.
  • Looking: around my desk and noticing the I have both tea and coffee that I am in the midst of drinking
  • Preserving: I’ve been doing that lots (see above) but the home-grown tomatoes are about to go into overdrive, so it will be time again soon, to get back into processing a year worth of sauces, salsas and other tomatoes related goodness.
    Today I am also dehydrating some beans.
  • Harvesting: beans, peas, tomatoes, mulberries, brazilian cherry, strawberries, pumpkin, lettuce, capsicum, mustard greens, carrots, onions, potatoes, gooseberries and citrus
  • Enjoying: I am always loving hanging out at home and being in the garden; and I do so love a good podcast while I do the dishes in the mornings.
    I’ve also been doing a bit of extra web-work with someone different of late too, which has been fun.
    And a few times a week I get to see how quickly all our grandbabies are growing, and the speed at which it happens never ceases to amaze me.
  • Buying: not very much at all other than groceries.
    We’ve been toying with the idea of a side-by-side fridge-freezer for the extra freezer space, but I’m reluctant to spend the $$s after buying a new fridge about a year and half ago that was simply not a good choice for size and design.
    Totally my own fault!
  • Watching: YouTube is always my first choice of viewing, as I love to learn and this is one of the best mediums I’ve found for that, that is free and easy.
  • Hoping: that when the borders reopen and we’ve got to see all the people that we need to, that we’ll be able to finally afford that holiday to New Zealand.
    Its been a few years now!
  • Cringing: at my growing impatience with others.
    I just don’t have it in me to control my emotions well at all these days, when my myriad of ‘buttons’ get pressed.
    I don’t for a red-hot second think that I am an easy person to tolerate either – but jeeeeez!!
  • Learning: as I’ve said before, I’m an avid ‘learner’ – and I think that is one of the areas when my patience dwindles…
    People who don’t have any desire to learn, will never know better and therefore be able to do better.
    I just don’t get that way of being.
  • Thinking: that many people don’t understand that introverts can sometimes appear to be loud / extroverted.
    Its all about where they are comfortable, how much time they have spent with others; and whether or not they have – not only a safe space to escape to alone, without feeling like they’re judged – but also plenty of time to ‘recharge’ so that they can interact in a good way, with others.
  • Knowing: that those trees won’t plant themselves, and that I need to get out and do it!
    But I’m also in the middle of having pulled apart the kitchen yesterday, and need to be putting it back together today.
    Maybe I can do the kitchen this afternoon, and do the trees before lunch.
    Sounds like a plan!
  • Feeling: a plethora of emotions – all of which I try and work on bit by bit each and every day….

Until next time…



One thought on “stocktake [oct20]

  1. Great post Sarah! I would suggest you keep them coming. I like your honesty, your little pearls of wisdom, and your capability for introspection.
    Sounds as though you are doing lots of different things, and making plans for future activities too.
    I think it is important to enjoy the ‘down’ times, because then you appreciate the ‘up’ times.

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