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so f*kn PROUD



I can’t even begin to tell you how proud of myself; happy and accomplished I feel today.
(which is a very rare feeling for me, I gotta say!!!)

Today marks the day that every.single.credit.card I had, has a $00.00 balance.

$13,987 of stress-inducing heavily-weighted debt is GONE!

I have already closed one of the card accounts back in May, but today I just want to look at those zeros for a little bit longer, before I close the rest of them.

I will keep one of the accounts open – just as a backup if I am stuck somewhere with a broken-down-car-and-no-where-to-sleep kind of scenario – but that would be the ONLY thing that it would be used for.

I now have a savings account that has a visa/mastercard debit card that I can use for online purchases, bookings etc, so there is no need whatsoever – other than the aforementioned major emergency – that I would need to break out the credit card.

…and I won’t…!

So, just for today – I AM PROUD OF ME!


Until next time…

ps: I’ll write more about how I did it, in an upcoming post 🙂



One thought on “so f*kn PROUD

  1. Congratulations Sarah. I am really proud of you too! That is a great achievement and one certainly worth boasting about 🙂 How light are you feeling now? Although I have never had a credit card in my name, I used my partner’s (shame on me). I could see how easily it could have got out of control but he ripped it up many years ago and never regretted it. You’re right- the debit card is the way to go 🙂 Well done Sarah.

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