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physio f**k-up



My Physio relocated to one of the southern states back in early October.

Before she left – she arranged for another physio in the same practice to take over my care, as I had seen this other physio a few times (when my usual wasn’t available) and she knew my full history – so there wouldn’t have to be a whole long extended hand-over needed.

I knew I’d been left in good hands, so whilst I was sad that my regular physio – whom i adored – was leaving, I felt confident that I was being left in good hands.

A week later, three days before I was due for my next appointment, I got a call from the receptionist at the clinic – to let me know that there has been a mass ‘walk-out’ (and resignations) of the majority of the physio staff – and that there was only one physio left at the clinic.

They would need to reschedule my next appointment – and with a bloke i had never see before.

I was less than pleased…!

Because there was now only one physio left at the clinic, the rescheduling meant that my next appointment was not for another eight weeks… 😐

Whilst I had managed to whittle down from needing three appointments per week, down to one a week – having to go eight weeks without an appointment scared me rather a lot.

And as luck has it, we live in a small rural community – and therefor don’t have the luxury or access to just going to a different clinic!

I made the appointment.
It was for December 2nd.

November 30th – the clinic called.
My appointment was ‘no longer available’…

I didn’t bother trying to make another.
I’m pissed off, I’m fed-up of being pushed to the back of the line – I’m done.

I don’t yet know quite what I am going to do about finding another physio.

I keep hoping that the girl I was initially scheduled to see when my original physio left, will pop-up somewhere locally, and I can score an appointment with her – but so far its not looking good.

Its been a couple of months now since the walk-out, and she hasn’t turned up anywhere that I have found yet 🙁

I’ll keep looking though, and keep asking around…
I need the help and guidance of a good physio to keep improving my pain and mobility – and to ensure that I dont back-slide too much.

I really dont think I could cope with the unmanaged pain, and being bed-bound again – like I was back in the early months of the year…I just don’t…

Fingers crossed!

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