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Its been a couple of weeks since my last update – and a lot has been happening about the place…

The Wedding has come and gone – and yes – of course, is was beautiful, wonderful, emotional – and our youngest daughter and her husband are currently off honeymooning in the Maldives.

We got to see a lot of the Family that we haven’t seen in ages, and two of our grand-babies got to spend a few days together playing – which they haven’t done since they were babies – and it was pure delight to witness.

We had a working bee at the Farm, and got a lot of heavy-lifting jobs accomplished, with a raised garden-bed being moved, a new chicken coop being installed, and one of our fridges moved out to the shipping container for storage and safe-keeping.

I got to have two weeks off – a week either side of the wedding, and got plenty accomplished at the house in town, so there aren’t too many of the ‘big’ jobs left there to get done before it goes on the market.

Hopefully this weekend we can get the photos done, ready for it to go up on the internet.

Anther big piece of news and a change that came about during that time, is that My Love left a job of almost 13 years, and moved to another Agency.

Jumping into the unknown without a parachute (especially a financial one!) is always a scary thing – and it was a bit of a rough, stressy emotional week during the resignation and transition time – but soooo well worth it!

My Loves “happiness factor” has increased 210% – and theres nothing on earth that makes me happier, than to know that My Love is happy!!!

I went back to work at the beginning of the week, and I had somehow managed to forget that on my first two days back, I was required to attend an all day two-day conference 😐

Not only was it not ideal timing, as I have so very much to catch up on after being away for a couple of weeks – but it was also painfully dull, and very badly presented.

If at any time the presentation went ‘off-script’ the woman presenting just could.not.deal.
And she was certainly less than equipped to be presenting the content, when a number of times our CEO and Ed Coordinator had to correct her knowledge of legislation 😐 just embarrassing really…

Next week I have my ‘annual’ appraisal at work.
Its been about two and a half years since my last one.

We always have to fill out a four-page questionnaire that is discussed at the appraisal, which is done beforehand.

There is one question this year, that I have left unanswered.
It is something along the lines of: “What job satisfaction does your position provide you with?”

I refuse to lie on these types of forms, and this time round – I’m just having a reallllllllly hard time with answering that one!

Other than listing that there are a couple of personal relationship that I have at work, that i enjoy – which isn’t exactly ‘job satisfaction related to my position‘ – I’m just struggling!!

I have come to that place in time where job-satisfaction isn’t something i have any more…

On to another less ‘angsty’ matter! lol

Some wonderful souls in our local area organised a get-together for our street for christmas – so we trundled along to that, this past sunday – and it was quite lovely!

I’m not a big fan of socialising, particularly when i don’t know people, but we were made to feel very welcome, and conversation flowed easily – and eventually our neighbours turned up – so someone we knew did end up being there! lol

It was held on the back deck of one of the homes further up the street, on a gorgeous private tree-filled property.

The deck itself must have been about 10m x 10m – it was massive (!!) and has been arranged into several different areas (eg bar area, dining area, lounge area, chill-out area) and was just a pretty spectacular piece of real-estate.

Whilst it was gorgeous, I couldn’t help but feel so very very grateful that we don’t have as much area – indoors and out! – to have to attend to, clean and maintain!!

Just the very thought gave me the horrors…lol
I do so LOVE my little Home, and our gardens 🙂

I’m sure there’ll be something more to tell before the silly busy-ness of the festive season engulfs me – so i’ll update you as time allows.

Enjoy December folks – its almost 2018!
Eeeeek!! 😐

Look after YOU,




Our beautiful Daughter and Son-in-Law


Cousins being inventive with out-door play.


Our second-youngest son, his daughter, and our eldest daughters son.
1 of our beautiful babies, and 2 of our beautiful grand- babies.
NO! Of course we aren’t biased!!

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