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I came across the photo at the end of this post today – and it really resonated with me.
Not because I needed someone to listen to me – but because I needed to listen to someone….

I needed to listen to someone whose thoughts in Life, align with mine.
A ‘Simple Life’ advocate, if you will!

So today I took a metaphorical wander through my list of saved podcasts, and cranked up one of my favourite speakers.

Less than a half hour in of listening – and I could feel my internal world once again beginning to settle.
It was just what I needed today…

Do you have a particular routine you do when you become a little overwhelmed?
Or maybe its a book you turn to, or maybe even – like me – a favourite podcast??

I’d love to hear how you centre or recalibrate yourself when things get a bit chaotic… 🌿

what do you think about this post?

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