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stocktake [dec19]

stocktake [dec19]



It’s been months since my last post cos I’ve been all over the countryside doing alllllll the things.
There’s soooo much to write about, but for now, I’m ripping the bandaid off and posting a simple stocktake of where I’m at right this second, to hold y’all off until I can finish up with a proper update…!

  • Cooking: Bread – and trialing using the different bread makers we have, to do it in. I’ve only used them to make the dough until now!
  • Making: [and canning] Strigidae Sauce – which is based on the Choice Salsa recipe and uses our home grown veggies.
  • Drinking: soooo much water!!! I ended up in hospital very dehydrated (among other things) a while back, and I don’t want to be back there any time soon…
  • Reading: Millionaire Castaway, and a couple of digital simplicity books.
  • Wanting: my energy to return after being so sick.
  • Looking: out the window to see see if the cloud build-up is going to produce any rain.
  • Preserving: home-grown tomatoes!
  • Harvesting: tomatoes, mulberries, strawberries, squash, capsicum, bananas, radish, lettuce
  • Enjoying: hanging out at home and trying to find my own personal rhythm
  • Buying: as little as possible outside of required groceries – but we’ve just invested in a NutriBullet, which we got brand new for half price – so that’s a big bit exciting!!
  • Watching: lots of YouTube on various subjects from permaculture to sisterwives, as well as a sweet little series on Netflix called ‘Virgin River’
  • Hoping: we can afford a holiday to New Zealand next year.
  • Cringing: at the lack in insight some parents can have
  • Learning: about all sorts of things – I’m an avid ‘learner’
  • Thinking: that I need to get my shit together and finish writing a proper update!! 😐
  • Knowing: that if I don’t schedule the time to do it – it aint gonna happen!
  • Feeling: excited about getting to spend more time in the gardens once the cooling rains come…

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