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proud of My Love

proud of my love



I’m sooooooo PROUD of My Love right now!!

Its been something that I have tried for, asked for, and wanted for over a decade – and last week it finally happened.
My Love and I attended a couples counselling session together.

I think that a lot of people don’t know what will happen in a couples counselling session, and for that reason alone, they decide that it’s just not for them.

Some think that they’re going to be ‘picked on’ and that one person will be right, and one will be wrong.
They worry that the counsellor will take one side over the other.
They worry that their ‘secrets’ will be out in the world for ridicule, or that they will cause shame or embarrassment to them.
They’re scared that they will hurt, or will cry or will feel too vulnerable.

And yes – in some cases – there will be tears, and you will feel vulnerable (if you’re being honest with yourself and your circumstances) and you might even hurt a little along the way…

But a counsellor isn’t the referee of a fight.

A good counsellor will draw each of you out of yourselves, to explore your feelings – good and not-so-good, and will try and help each of you make sense of those feelings, and work through them to come to a resolution that’s the very best outcome possible, for both of you.

A counsellor will try and help give each of you strategies to improve yourself, and your relationship.

I know first hand what a tough and intimidating experience it can be for some people – and my Love was one of those people – and I will be forever grateful that the leap was finally taken, and we got to go to our first session.

And I was thoroughly gob-smacked, excited and truly grateful, when My Love chose to schedule a second session for us, in a fortnight – with the comment to the counsellor of ‘its been better than I thought it would be.

Sooooooo PROUD of My Love right now!!

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