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one step at a time

I’m changing my Life.
One small step at a time…

I’m moving myself slowly and gently back towards being a Simple Life House Spouse.

What does that actually mean?

To me and for me – it means that my Life will no longer be about working outside of the home.
It means that I will spend my days working our small 1.5ac holding (known as Strigidae Farm) growing as much fruit and vegies as I/we can manage to sanely look after.

It means I’ll be cooking the majority of our meals from scratch.
It means pre-prepping and freezing some meals – so that when I have busy days and just cant be bothered with dinner – there will be something tasty and nutritious easily at hand.
It means canning and dehydrating our surplus food, so that we have plenty of stocks for during non-peak growing times.

It means I will be sending my Spouse to work with a thermos of coffee, an insulated water bottle and a lunchbox of yummy home-made stuff, instead of drinks and lunch having to be bought.

It means I’d like to recycle and upcycle as much as I can – particularly when we’re DIYing around the Farm.

But – what it also means to me – is that I am planning on looking after not only my Spouse in a better way – but also looking after ME better…

Until next time – have a good one and look after YOU!

Slow down, enjoy Life and Breatheeee…


2 thoughts on “one step at a time

  1. Hi Sarah, yeah, I like what you’re writing down here. Keeping it simple, fun and diy. Too often fun and simple are associated with going out yet thats never been the case in history. It’s always been diy and any “going out” done was to garden, gather or hunt all of which have been the local economy, very local, either for your familly or tribe. No working for a boss or bosses and shareholders with their ever increasing skimming of profit etc. Keeping it local give tasks a purpose, a meaning and with these comes satisfaction and joy.

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