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Day 3.


So it’s the end of day 3 of flying solo.

We know how day one went, but yesterday was better.

I’ve managed to do a few things on my list – so I’m pretty happy with that!
– no ciggie has passed my lips since day 1 ✔
– tattoo touch-up done ✔
– vacuumed out the car ✔
– have made stuffed mushrooms and tortellini, and pepper risotto for dinner, the last two nights. ✔
– watched 4 episodes back-to-back of “Winners & Losers” ✔
– all the crap is off the patio and back in the workshop where it belongs ✔
– I’ve done some serious cleaning inside ✔
– I’ve watered the plants on the back deck. ✔
– tonight, with no-one here but me, I’ve had my first voddies in months, and am sooooo feelin’ the buzz! ✔
– I have loud music on, I’m dancing by myself, and it’s a nice rockin vibe. ✔
– I’ve had some nice 1/1 talks with my Patrick, which always grounds me ✔

– AND, I’ll be in bed early, cos I’m trashed!!

G’nite day 3….

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