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If you’re anything like me – as happens when you start out afresh with something or reinvigorate an old ‘love’ for something – whether it be cooking, knitting, gardening, diy or even fixing engines – you do a lot of reading…

This week I had a really weird ‘coincidence’ happen to me – which I didn’t realize until I sat down to have breakfast, on Saturday morning.

Most Saturday mornings have become a bit of a ‘ritual’ for me.
After we’ve woken and sat and had our coffee together, chatting about our individual planned days and the world in general, my Love goes into town fairly early to tend to our other animals, then goes to work – so I get to start the rest of my day deliciously slowly…

First thing is to get dressed, otherwise I’m pretty sure I could happily spend my day in jammies.
Once dressed, I pop a couple of bits of bread in the toaster, and while its cooking I do a sweep of the kitchen benches, gathering anything that didn’t get taken out to the dish-washing area the evening before, and I get everything set up ready to do the dishes.
(and for me – doing the dishes is its very own ’strange pleasure’ lol)

Once that’s done – my toast is ready, so me, my toast and my juice spread out at the dining table, with either my pen and lists, a book or an internet article I’ve been saving to read while I eat and just look around at the beauty outside.
As an aside – I seriously can’t wait until we have a decent outdoor table to have breakfast at!

Now, bear with me while I back up for a minute…
A couple of days ago, I had to go to BigW in town, to get some stationary supplies.
I of course somehow ended up going to the Stationary via the Books section, having a quick glance about as I passed though – trying super hard not to get sidetracked by alllll those books that would love to come home with me…

However — a small book, not much bigger than a notebook, with a grey and white cover drew me in.
The title was ‘Destination Simple’.
I flipped over to the back cover – and read only the first line: “simplify your life – from the inside out”.
I didn’t need to read any more, or know who it was by, or how much it was.
This book had chosen me!

Fast forward back to Saturday morning breakfast time, and that quiet bit of the day when I like to catch up on some reading – and I remembered that I had the book that I’d bought the other day, to make a start on!

Bite of toast, slurp of juice, and I smooth open the cover to the first page – which is the Acknowledgements:
to everyone who has read of listened to Slow Your Home over the past few years: thank you

Somewhere on the back of my neck, a few little hairs begin to raise…

I put down the book, and drag the laptop to within reach.
I wake it up, and pull up my browser.
Typically – there are about 12 tabs open.
I skim across the tabs, hovering my cursor over each one – reading each title as I go, but not opening them.

At the fifth one, I read: ‘Slow your home – slow right down and live the simpler life you want

I open the tab, and its a blog: Slow Your Home
Author: Brooke McAlary

I look down at the discarded book beside me – Author: Brooke McAlary

I grab my phone and double-click my way to my podcasts app, and scroll through the list of podcasts still waiting for me to get to.
Amongst those waiting to be listened to is: The Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary

Those little hairs on the back of my neck are zinging by now…

I’m sure many would say that in my subconscious, I came across the book because I already knew about it, because I had seen it on the website, or heard about it on the podcast – but the thing is this: I had yet to even open the website, had yet to even listen to even one of her podcasts, and as such had no idea that a book even existed!
I had no idea Brooke McAlary even existed.
And just to cap it all off – she’s and Aussie too!

Added to all of this, the fact that the BigW in our town is not known for stocking anything that even remotely resembles ‘alternative’ reading!
Its pretty much narrowed down to either cook books, kids books, or the paperback equivalent of chick flicks!!
~ Ugh ~

So – the dishes might just have to wait a little bit longer this morning.

I think I’m going to spend a little bit of quality solitary time, getting to know this woman – and to see what loveliness she has to add to my Life.
I’ve got a feeling already that its going to be enjoyable…
I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Until next time – have a good one and look after YOU!



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