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ban the bag


One of the things that I have been becoming increasing aware of, is the ridiculous amount of plastic our World now generates – and frankly, its freakin’ scary!!

This morning I did grocery shopping for the first time in quite a few weeks, due to being laid up on restricted bed-rest.
I was about ½ way through my shopping when I realised that I had left my recycled & hessian carry-bags in the car.
Oh well” thought I, “its only just this once – I’ll just have to deal with it…
But before I could make it less than half way up the next aisle, I found myself turning my trolley around, and heading to the front of the store.
I was going to go get my bags, before one more thing went into my trolley!

Nope – I didn’t really feel like it.
Other than a short trip to the nursery, and my visits to the Dr and Physio, this was my first proper outing since I’d been laid-up, and I was already feeling a bit achey – having been to two other shops before arriving at the grocery store.

But dammit – I am sick-to-death of having so much plastic crap, for no good reason, littering up the planet!!
And noooo – I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a tree-hugging greenie – but then maybe I am?
If caring about the fact that this crap is so easy to get a hold of, but soooo damn hard to get rid of – then yeah, I guess I am a tree-hugging greenie!!

There was actually quite a good piece on that I caught on ‘The Project‘ the other night – calling for Aussies to sign petitions to “Ban the Bag” – and I’ve got to say – I am allllll for the banning!!!

Have a look and see what you think of the segment: The Project – #BanTheBag

I’d love to know your opinions on plastic bags, and other superfluous uses of plastic – like using them for fruit and veg at the supermarket etc..
I’ll have more to say on this topic at some point I think! lol

Have a great day all,

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