a quickie

After yesterdays mammoth post, I thought today would just be a ‘quickie’ 🙂

Sometimes – just cleaning up and sorting out a small corner of your home, can make a huge difference to how you feel about the rest of the day.

I had had one of those mornings where I came back to the Farm feeling pretty crappy, frustrated and annoyed.

My go-to stress-busters are often either writing or cleaning.

So when I got home today, even though I had a dozen topics running around in my head that I could write about, I chose to clean up the corner just inside our main door – where junk and dirt just seems to not only collect, but to multiply.

Once it was done I was in a farrrr better mood, and was pretty happy that it was also an area that – at least for a little while – is going to be an area that makes me smile when my eyes land there, instead of grimacing.

What do you do to settle yourself down a bit or change your own attitude?

Hope you’re having a great day!

The little corner near the door we use most.


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