one step at a time

I’m changing my Life.
One small step at a time…

I’m moving myself slowly and gently back towards being a Simple Life House Spouse.

What does that actually mean?

To me and for me – it means that my Life will no longer be about working outside of the home.
It means that I will spend my days working our small 1.5ac holding (known as Strigidae Farm) growing as much fruit and vegies as I/we can manage to sanely look after.

It means I’ll be cooking the majority of our meals from scratch.
It means pre-prepping and freezing some meals – so that when I have busy days and just cant be bothered with dinner – there will be something tasty and nutritious easily at hand.
It means canning and dehydrating our surplus food, so that we have plenty of stocks for during non-peak growing times.

It means I will be sending my Spouse to work with a thermos of coffee, an insulated water bottle and a lunchbox of yummy home-made stuff, instead of drinks and lunch having to be bought.

It means I’d like to recycle and upcycle as much as I can – particularly when we’re DIYing around the Farm.

But – what it also means to me – is that I am planning on looking after not only my Spouse in a better way – but also looking after ME better…

Until next time – have a good one and look after YOU!

Slow down, enjoy Life and Breatheeee…


About Sarah

An Australian Wife and Mother in my 50s; an avid reader, a lover of writing - in the process of working my way to a much simpler Life.

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